Product advantages
  • Dasen advantage

 1) The traditional wheel welding sink---the foundation of the industry development, the process is complex. Dasen wheel welding sink has thick texture, bright color, mature CNC welding technology, parameterized control of current, speed, welding heat, no solder blind spots, no soldering and other bad conditions, the most traditional is the most practical;

 2) One-piece water tank---The new technology at the beginning of this century requires high equipment and mold. Dasen has 9 large hydraulic presses, and has developed a series of special large-scale molds to form a streamlined operation. From multi-step single basins to exquisite twin-slots, they are designed for domestic diversified needs. ;

 3) Manual square trough---Dasen manual square trough adopts laser cutting raw material, CNC bending forming, numerical control automatic welding four-corner new technology, maintaining the essential characteristics of stainless steel material, thick and bright, original quality, using small R or The right angle of the square design concept, the mining space is maximized, the style is rich, the design of the sink is carefully designed, like a blossoming flower, it is wonderful;

 4) Precision drawing---The whole process of physical manufacture, environmental protection and health, silky luster, long-lasting, tight and fine lines, effectively reduce the scratches on the surface of the sink, rich in texture, easy to clean and generous;

 5) Deep groove design---Ossen sink technology is better, the basin is deeper, the corner is smaller, and the use space is larger.

 6) Solid solution process---The solution treatment process increases the ductility and corrosion resistance of the material, solves the technical difficulties, and satisfies the product diversity design.

 7) Deeply lift the water-filling device on the cage---deeply raise the large capacity of the cage to solve the problem that the family frequently cleans the food waste in the sink when washing the dishes to prevent the sewer from being blocked; the cover on the silicone seal is sealed off. The traditional predicament of mixing the oil on the surface of the cage or the control cover with the newly injected fresh water in the sink, the Omori deep-cage water-sealed water heater provides you with the best service;

 8) Water pipe under the aperture---large-diameter PP water pipe fittings, unobstructed; rear design, to meet the function, but also open up the storage space.

 9) Anti-seepage coating --- care for the cabinet, to avoid condensation of water vapor to form water droplets, causing the cabinet to be mild.

 10) R & D team - we have a good R & D team, professional designers who have worked for nine years, and some teachers from international masters.