Development path

Dasen Company was founded in August 1999 as a kitchen and home appliance processing base in Shunde.

In 2002, he entered the kitchen and stainless steel sink industry and established Hefei Trading Company.

In 2007, he joined one of the world-renowned kitchen and bathroom system manufacturing experts. The United States Omori Group--Delaware State, which is the flagship brand of the kitchen and health brand of the US Omori Group in China, created the Qianmei Brand Operation Center, Nanjing--Trade the company.

In 2008, he directly entered the Chinese kitchen field and built a modern ultra-large production integrated production base in China.

In August 2009, in the case of the domestic market financial crisis, it still acquired and merged Foshan Minghang Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd., Weibo Sink, and set up a real introduction of advanced equipment and technology, and entered the kitchen and bathroom hardware factory standardization enterprise.

In February 2012, Omori Corporation integrated resources to create a strategic direction for domestic marketing brands.